Who is the weirdest?

    Who was the weirdest guy/gal that you ever dated? Tell us your story about what made 'em weird or what happened on your date. This question applies to all ages, please!

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Some good storie buy, mine is to complex so Thumbs Up to you ole hipster!

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    There was a guy I had worked with for about 5 years. He had worked in another section of the building (prior) and I knew him and liked him. Great guy..........BUT WEIRD. Everyday for lunch, for the 5 years I worked with him, he ate the SAME THING. The EXACT SAME THING. Tuna Fish with mayo, no bread and a big cup of green beans. EVERYDAY. And while he was eating he rocked back and forth in his NON ROCKING chair staring at his fork before each bite. (WEIRD) There are DOGS that can't eat the same thing everyday.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    TSC funny and wierd situation. You put it good. Thumbs up from me, Thanks Friend!


    hahahahahaha, uh what an awesome guy , i can never do that!!!


    TSC - - -he probably was a high functioning person with autism. An old man that worked with my late husb everyday would eat 2 peanut butter sandwiches and some chocolate moon pies.

    i dated a girl who was two years older than me, got along well, except the fact that she couldn't stop babbling about everything. if she saw something, anything she must comment on it, if she saw a statue, she'd say, OMG look at that, looks incredible, wow, beautiful, then a sec later, a lady with a dog pass, she stops and clasps her hands on her mouth, and starts telling me how cute it is and blah blah blah, WE WERE ON A DATE by the way
    i got sick of her babling, so i dumped her before we could go any further. i mean seriuosly i feel bad for the guy she's going to get married to for the rest of his life, imagine what she'd mention everyday, from high bills to children to cleaning.

    seriously sometimes you need to shut up and take a breath and realise the beauty of everything in your mind, you don't have to mention everything out. take a break

    so i guess you know what type of girls i'm into now ; quiet yet not so quiet.


    I went out with a very religious girl and after a time we decided a bit of nooky would be OK. We were about to get down to business when she started to pray. "why I am praying for guidence aren`t you going too?" I said "love I will keep it stiff you can do the guiding"


    not doing bad, actually great !! i just got my paycheck and i'm going to roll away with friends after i finish some work on the net. how about you ole hipster?

    ole hipster

    Hi there doublehelix! Sounds like she was on something! How ya' doing tonight? Thanks for answering!

    ole hipster

    I'm doing good myself doublehelix..glad to hear you are doing well too! Don't spend all that paycheck in one place now! Party hardy! Later! (:

    ole hipster

    You are joshing?? Otherwise too funny!

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