Natural disasters

    Have you ever been in or involved in a natural disaster? Let's hear your story.

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    I've been through hurricanes, been close to tornadoes. I actually slept through hurricane Andrew, I think the low pressure makes you tired? I went surfing in the 80's when hurricane Gail and David breezed past S. FL, I suppose hurricane Andrew was the worst, but having been through several hurricanes, it becomes almost normal.


    Yeah small world, I grew up in Ft.Ld., lived in Lighthouse Point, Boca, Naples, Pompano, and Port St. Lucie. I used to surf as far North as Patricks A.F.B. in the 80's maybe I walked right past you?

    ole hipster

    Hey there Leeroy I've been in a hurricane in South Florida named David quite a few years ago also! Small world huh?
    I lived in Vero Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Pierce) I also knew and hung out with a lot of surfers in Fort Pierce at the Fort Pierce Jetty. Are you familiar with this area? It was in the 80's also! I also witnessed the Challenger explosion there too while lying by a pool.

    ole hipster

    Oops, almost forgot...lived in Jensen Beach FL during hurrican David

    ole hipster

    Thanks for answering. I'm the curious type. One of my daughters still lives in Port St. Lucie as does my ex (her Dad). Yeah, Leeroy, you may have even tripped over my blanket as I was always at the beach sunbathing! (Now wish I hadn't been in the sun so much as I have extensive non-melanoma skin cancer that I'm fighting right now) Oh well, what can ya' do..they didn't have all the skin cancer scares back then!

    Yes I once lived in a single wide mobile home and a tornado came through. I did the only thing I could I got on my knees and prayed because it was too late to try to escape and get out. Most of the trailer park was destroyed but mine had minor damages thankfully to God. Hope to never be in another tornado again.

    ole hipster

    I am so glad that you ended up OK after your experience of being in a mobile home with a tornado coming! Must have been frightening! Maybe there is something to this prayer thing. H-m-m-m

    Maybe the missle with the warhead that they launched into the moon.Last summer that penetrated the moon and exploded.Might have some effect on what's going on.

    ole hipster

    You have a point there!

    I think the whole world is a natural disaster at the moment old hipster!
    But mine were either man made of self inflicted so they don't count.
    Keep reading the news. There will be more stories from Japan and Christ Church.

    ole hipster

    You are right bestway!

    Well,don't laugh now but i was reading how scientists have witnessed that the orbit of the moon has become more eliptical recently,that something thou they say they don't know what as yet is acting on the moon to cause the change,,maybe this has disturbed the moons gravitational effect slightly contributing to the bizarre weather in recent months and spate of natural disasters

    ole hipster

    Interesting answer...thanks! But I was merely trying to find out if anyone out there besides myself has been in and survived tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, etc. I've been in all the former and just wondering how everyone else got through the same

    Yes, it was called public schooling.

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