How long is the rcovery time for broken ribs

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    You made me cringe with your question as I have had two fractured ribs (at different times) and man, does that hurt! Took me damn near a year before the pain subsided, it hurt to even breathe at first and God forbid that you sneeze! The problem with the ribs is that you can't really do nothing for them but let them heal on their own...years back people had their ribs "taped" when broken but it was discovered that the taping business could give you pneumonia...Also, I was well into my forties when I had the fractured ribs and I'm sure that has significance and I also had and still have a lousy immune system and I heal slowly unfortunately. If you have broken ribs I am really sorry to hear that and wish you the speediest of recoveries! (:
    ole hipster

    Also, I believe fractured ribs are worse than broken ones

    fracture and broken are the same in my dictionary
    Think it's about 6 weeks or so

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