If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

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    Peru...Machu Picchu is an amazing magical place. I am taking my two sons with me this dream is becoming a reality:)

    Venezuela. Beautiful woman, awesome beeches and a good exchange rate on US currency.

    I would go to London, England, to the Royal Society of London, so I could visit the vaults housing the documents written by people like Newton, Halley, Hooke, and Boyle, and so many other geniuses. To touch their writings on the paper they wrote upon, to read the words, to smell the ink and paper, to do history of science research time period, 1650-1700 where it was created, and not just via the computer terminal, would be an overwhelming tactile sensation, just like the first time I actually touched and held a 4000 year old cuneiform tablet. Of course that was before realized that I was holding a 4000 year old receipt for a cow and three chickens, but even so - I was holding writing that was 4000 years old! You may laugh, but when you can actually touch the history that you research, it makes all the difference because then the journey truly is a journey through the fabrics of both time and space. So where do I want to visit? 1683 London. England - but with running water and indoor toilets. Of course I would not mind having a few fish'n chips too while I was there.

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