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    Why are so many people in the US on food stamps? What does this say about our economy?

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    Families w/no jobs, low-paying jobs, and on barely-get-by-street. We need a divine intervention!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Here is a thumbs up for you question. I left an answer pertaining to were most of the food stamp money goes. How about a thumbs up! Here is one for you to Pamela.

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    Woman who are not married and have 3+ kids or more account for 60% of the total amount of money given as food stamps.


    Saddly we can not shop at the grocery store on the 1st or 12th of the month. It is packed with food stamp recipients. I believe in a gov. that will assist the needy. However there are too many ppl taking advantage of the system. You should not have a new BMW and food stamps.

    ole hipster

    Extremely true (about the BMW I mean!) I've seen some amazing things people had or were adorned with at the food stamp office when I was collecting them!


    Most people deserve to collect them. Then U have other's that R just taking advantage of the system. Then when U report these people U invariably get the response of "it is only a few hundred dollars" or whatever the case is, or "we don't have enough staff to investigate" Bureaucracy at it's finest!

    I guess the obvious, in a capitalized world some people are justleft behind. That is the rule of the jungle.
    On the other hand it is better than having everyone poor like in most comunist countries.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    True, but there are so many people who take advantage of our caring system. I would like to turn all the free loaders in for breaking the law. Here is a T.U. 2 now on this question, for you pascal. I am going down into Mexico and won't be on site so any TU will be appreciared. Thanks!

    ole hipster

    Very true pascal!

    in my opinion it just means our economy suck and its getting worst.goverment wont say that so people wont panic.

    ole hipster

    Ain't that the truth (about the government)!! Thanks for your answer!


    ole hipster

    Wow, scary thought indeed!

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