Life and Pride

    What is the one thing in your life that you are the proudest of?

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    That I live exactly as God wants me to despite all the negative words of my critics : )

    ole hipster

    Thumbs up for your answer!

    That I ahve been given thr gift of Life. :)

    ole hipster

    Really good answer my friend!

    Who my children are becoming in their lives.

    ole hipster

    You're a lucky woman my dear

    My cat Oliver......

    Proud that God gave me the gift of life as a human being

    Pride goeth before a fall,

    Pride is prejudice with a flag.

    Isn't pride one of those things recommended against in the Bible because so many problems occur when two proud members of competing societies compete for the finite resources in order to become better than the other, leading to fighting and wars?

    I'll wait until my deathbed and look back at my accomplishments with pride, but I'll begrudge no one else for theirs either. In that way, I will not be comparing myself with others, but will have done the best I could with the limited resources I had.

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