Good and Evil

    Tell me, what do you personally believe is good and what is evil? I'm not talking about biblical references, I want to hear your own personal thoughts on the subject. Thank you.

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    well lets take a common rock for example a rock you would find at the beach. the rock is neither good nor evil. it could be used as a paper weight to hold down some valuable paper work or as a conner stone for a house. you could take that same rock and smash a window or worse knock someone off side the head!so there for an inanimit object is neither good nor evil, its the human SOUL that decides what to do with that rock!
    We've fed people in poor countries which is good. We asked nothing of them in return. When the aid stopped and the bad guys move in and throw them a loaf of bread along with an AK47 and were told to go after us. They have. Can you blame them for this evil? Good and evil is irrelevant to a starving human.
    Evil is instilling hatred and fear in others. Good is uplifting others with sacrificial love.

    The only way one can know is to read what the God who created both has said about the two.

    Good and Evil are perspectives

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