How did you find this site?

    I myself kind of just "fell into it" Will explain further later on but I'm curious as to everyone else's answers

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    Found it on Wikipedia :-)

    Same as Jenn and ole hipster. It appeared on my tool bar after I downloaded a translator bar I believe.

    I found this site from my brother! (khaisbeast) hope you give me karma!

    Honesty, I forgot. However, I'm here. I believe it's fun, and helpful sometimes. Although we can't see one another, I like the written communication we have with each other.

    ole hipster

    Agreed! I "found" it because lo and behold one morning I looked at my toolbar and there was an icon (I think that's the terminolgy for this, not sure...not extremely computer lingo literate!) It was oblong, blue background with white letters stating Ask a Question. So, I did. The rest is history. I agree with you this site is fun and interesting too! So many different people.

    There was this Ask A Question box up on my tool bar... I thought, I am full of questions, what fun.


    Me too. Love to know its origin.


    Thats how I got here.

    ole hipster

    You too, huh?!! I never did figure out where the box cam from, did you? Maybe Big Brother is really out there!

    I was on Four Winds or Blacklistednews or something someone left on Benjamin Fulfords site when I clicked on a thing then clicked on something else and I meet ole hipster soon after. It's a mystery? Maybe it was a cspan add about a woman guest then I missed her program, I thought this was her Q-A site because it was on her site but I don't see her

    I found it on an advertisement

    ole hipster

    Almost makes me wonder if these question and answer things that just appear on toolbars is thrown out to people in various geographical areas just to get a mix of folks, H-m-m-m??

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