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    If you could BE any one person (or thing for that matter) for just one day who or what would it be and why?

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    My husband, and I'm with him everyday. He makes me happy. He puts a smile on my face. He's a great provider. We have a lot fun together and we enjoy one another. He's my lover, homie, friend!!!


    <a href="/users/779/jenn/">@Jenn</a> - God is GOOD!!!


    You stole my answer... I geuss I will just vote this up.... We are some seriously blessed chicks.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    You need a thumbs up good answer.

    ole hipster

    you are a lucky woman!

    The human side of me would want to be Elvis Presley, when he was young and healthy. You didn't want to limit this question to this day and age did you? If so I will have to pick from a person famous these days, wonder who I would pick...

    The Christian part of me would want to be Jesus, during the time He was doing ministry here on earth, not when He was being crucified (that's for sure.) I think it would be awesome to walk in God's shoes, even just for a day.

    I would like to be a banker.And give all the money away to the poor.

    neil armstrong the first man on the moon... do the real moonwalk

    evelyn rothschilds so I could try and give away 500 trillion dollars or 1/2 the worlds wealth.

    ole hipster

    I hear ya!

    A hair on a dogs ass, this way I only have to put up with s**t once that day.
    ole hipster

    As always ed shank...such excellent delivery!...(:

    What's that smell :-)
    i'd be jennifer annistor -- if that one is taken, i'd be j lo -- i'd still take my same husband. what a surprise i'd be when he came home from work!

    i guess i'd better just put on my make up ... cuz ...

    I see you mean :-)

    I would be SUPREME RULER of the world! Straighten out the mess the world is in and sent a few sobs in a space ship into outer space forever! And I want a crown to wear! :^)


    The man who tried to run over my dog, a PE teacher I had as a freshman, the "best friend" whom I loaned money to and she never paid back, a co-worker 4 years ago, and last but not least, about 3 dozen politicians!

    ole hipster

    Oh great Supreme Ruler...who would those SOB's be?

    I still would wanna be .. ME

    My cat Oliver so I could be home and pampered and loved tremendously.

    ild like to be the sun for one day...all that warmthmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    A celebrity

    ole hipster

    anyone in particular?

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