The state of our economy

    I just read an article on Yahoo stating that the economy is turning against women. What do you all think about it?

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Good question. Not sure if it is true, see answer #2 currently. How about a thumbs up, here is one for you good question!

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    Why would the economy do that? Most of the women spend their husbands money on all sorts of crap anyway? lol

    But seriously how so, in yahoo news?

    ole hipster

    Sorry leeroy just saw your response, I've been off line. Guess I thought everybody sees yahoo news flashes on their homepage like I do (DUH!) They said is overall job prospects for women are lagging behind mens,due to the fact that womens jobs are more afected by cuts in fed, state & local spending as women fill most of such jobs. Pvt.sector jobs are up for men by 503K &womens' jobs womens jobs dn by 141K. Women are much more affected by cuts from pthese cut programs. Makes sense I guess. Seems to me that a lot of Yahoo newstuff is exagerrated and was wondering if others had noticed the same.

    If true I would be really surprised. Does it explain why? I personally do not believe that.

    ole hipster

    Raider8763 apologies to you also. Please read my reply to leeroy as the same reply goes to you. I apologize for any confusion!

    It is true the state of our economy was against women, but now I have heard from CNN and all other news stations that women are now the majority of the CEO's of the top 500 companies in the world. Things have changed. But no doubt about it our economy is in the crapper and not getting better. Gas is now over $3.56 a gallon over $105 a barrel. Just people getting even greedier and the people are suffering. This is the worst our economy has ever been even worse then the Great Depression, from what people who lived through the depression. This is worse and not getting better. On this Friday our government will shut down due to no budget thanks to the politicians arguing again. More people will be laid off, prices of everything you buy is going up at least by 3% percent. So that is where our economy is at.

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