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    What's the worse choice you've ever made in your life? And were you able to rectify same?

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    Unfortunatly being human I have made many bad choices in life that too has greatly affected my life and I do look back and am sorry and regret the bad choices. But the most I can do is try to rectify anything I have done and try to learn from my mistakes and hopefully not make the same ones again.

    ole hipster

    A very good way to be thinking!

    That's a very hard question being that by even changing one thing, can completely alter your life and the others that may have been involved in your choice.I regret hurting anyone in the past and have had an opportunity to apologize. Living in regret holds your past too close and if your not careful it can design your future.Learn from your mistakes, forgive your past and look forward to your future. Nobody is perfect and thank God for that..there was only one that lived as a perfect person and he was hung for it.Mistakes make us grow as individuals and create strength of character.

    ole hipster

    No truer words than yours!

    The worst choice one could make is to try to live outside of the God Aspect of Self, to not invite God into one's heart; and, when one has invited God into the heart, another bad choice would be to hold onto negative emotions, such as hate, resentment, blame, etc. Take responsibility for the choices one makes in life (Co-Creativity), and do not bemoan past mistakes, but rather, stay in the present moment and honour your own truth, that "State of Bliss" known as GOD.

    I've made some bad choices in my life that have greatly affected my life. I sometimes look back and regret them.

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