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    What's the best medicinal drug (legal or otherwise) that you've ever taken and why?

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    These are ALL the answers we get on this subject?? Is everyone shy? I'm just not referring to drugs that make you "high". I also mean prescribed drugs that have worked really well for you and which ones they are or which ones are malarky! I know that these ads you see on TV will really freak a person out when they start listing all the side effects! Makes you want to just keep the ailment!

    Morphine in Iraq. Strange but can't remember why.


    If you served in Iraq, let me be the first to sat THANK YOU, your a great American. Be well brother.


    If you served in Iraq, let me be the first to say THANK YOU, your a great American. Be well brother.

    ole hipster

    Ah yes, sister morphine!

    ole hipster

    I definitely second that motion. And also many thanks to ALL servicemen living or not who have served our country in order that we may live free and without fear. I extend this to WWI, WWII, Korean was, Vietnam War (conflict my butt!) and so on!

    2cp look it up it is fuckkkking awesome love the finger trails as you eyes try to catch up with a delay of about 5 seconds

    ole hipster

    I did and it sounds interesting though you probably need to watch the dosage and see how it affects you before venturing out in public!

    The new oxy 80s work very well on chronic pain,I almost told my doctor that I did not want to use them because everybody on the computer was bitching about them!When you take them as perscribed they work just fine.Then I realized that everybody that was bitching was either snorting them or booting them.The absolute best drug that I have done is hydromorphone,you put 6-8 milligrams in your vein you will feel no pain and I mean NO PAIN!

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