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    What exaclty is holistic medicine? What is the theory behind it, how does it work and what has worked for you, if anything. How does one know if it works? I've tried everything else for my various maladies, willing to keep on trying to make life easier!

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    What I have always heard holistic medicine is using natural herbal rememdies for sickness, disease and other issues. But you would need to know someone that is really up to date and very studied and knowledable about herbal remedies. I myelf used to know someone that was very very up to date and knowledgable and studied herbal medicine. Wish I knew where they moved to but that was many years ago and I do not know now, but I can vouch for that time in my life, I was having huge hives breaking out all over my body and even to the point of having to go to the emergency out patient clinic because my throat would begin to close up also. Went to several doctors and specialists I think it was stress and nerves that caused it, but the specialists and doctors all the meds they tried nothing helped or worked, but when this woman that owned an herbal shop (at the time we went to the same church) and I asked her about it she gave me about 4 different kind of herbal medicine capsules to take and said with herbal meds one always needs to drink plenty of water. Anyway that was about 10 years ago, was on these herbs for about 2-3 weeks, after that the rash, hives went away and I have never ever had that type problem again even though now and in times since then I have been under a great deal of stress even moreso now than then. But I have never had that type problem with the hives ever again. So yeah worked for me, but like I said you have to know someone that really knows holistic medicine and herbs.

    ole hipster

    Thanks for your informative answer. I'll look further into it. I can relate to your difficulties with stress as I too am under way too much stress in my life. I'm hoping this too shall pass (eventually but unlikely for me!) at least for you! I'm pulling for ya' kid!

    Holistic health is a concept that all potential contributing factors which may affect a person's well-being, are taken into consideration when assessing a person's overall health.

    Holistic health in traditional medical practice upholds that all aspects of people's needs, physical, social, and mental, should be taken into account and seen as a whole. As defined above, the holistic view on treatment is widely accepted in medicine.

    In alternative medicine, it is believed that the spiritual aspect should also be taken into account when assessing a person’s overall well-being. The spiritual aspect is not associated with any religious ideology but rather, refers to the essence or "core self" of a person

    ole hipster

    Thanks Roger but tell me, if you know, how exactly is it used? Mind over matter or what. I still don't quite get it.

    Vibrations. Vibrations affect everything, they affect your health.. there are good vibrations, and there are even bad vibrations. It's all I need explain, you may look up the rest, there are certain frequencies that are particularly meant for healing, derived from various places, one being the flower of life [look it up], which is a blue print for all shapes in the universe, and since shapes and vibrations are linked together, we can tap in to the life force energy using this special thing. Higher frequencies generally form more sophisticated shapes, and higher frequencies are more divine than lower ones.. fear is low and brooding, love is high and mighty, and heals you. Get it? :] They use it in science too, just doesn't make the mainstream.

    Headless Man

    Too bad you don't vibrate off the page........ lol
    Faith in GOD is all the vibrations I need.


    The true colors of a 'faithful' christian.

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