LET'S VOTE!!

    Why aren't more folks on this site voting for the good (and not so good) answers?? You all aren't afraid someone's going to beat you in votes are ya'?? Also vote in the good and great questions I've seen.

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Great question, similar to "What suggestions to improve this site do you have for akaQA?" were all answers are being sent to akaQA.
    Here is a thumbs up for you!

    2 Answers

    There you go!


    Hey you ole hipster, where's MY vote! Ha ha

    ole hipster

    Thanks coach!

    ole hipster

    Point taken! I've got a few up for you buddy! (:

    Hey ole hipster, I think you are right in your opinion why some people do not vote up or down. This question " What suggestions to improve this site do you have for akaQA?" is going to akaQA with all the suggestions. I guess before you vote look up that person and see if they vote up and or down much compared to the number of answers they post on this site.

    ole hipster

    Great idea!

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