Stranded on an island

    If you were stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere with no hope of being rescued and you could be with ANY one person else in the world who would that one person be and why?

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    anyone live or dead?

    ole hipster

    Me, I'd like to be stranded with Steve Hawking, the wheelchair bound physicist. He'd certainly have some stimulating conversation to pass the time with.

    ole hipster

    Either way I guess would be fine

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    WHAT?? No Justin Bieber entries here???

    I would have to answer Jesus, He has been the most influential man to ever walk the Earth. He is hated and loved and changed our world as we no it more than anyone in history. Plus the bonus is He is the son of God and could perform miracles. He could feed us out of thin air, I wouldn't even have to fish. If I wanted to go back he could just send me in a snap. The possibilities are endless, I probably wouldn't be able to beat him at cards or board games though. That would be cool.



    A Mirror. Then I could see my fav person every morning. LOL

    ole hipster

    I love me, who do you love?? (only kiddin'!)

    "dh" meant dear husband. that was in the old daze about three years ago. mil is mother in law, dd is dear daughter, ds is dear son ... and so on. i'd never heard bh.
    Noah .... If he could build a boat large enough for all those animals, he surely could build one big enough for just the two of us.

    My cat Oliver, I know he loves me and is always there for me unconditionally as I am for him.

    ole hipster

    A fellow cat lover here!

    The ole hipster to keep it fresh and have intellectually stimulating conversations. Thanks for asking.

    I'd like to agree with the Steve Hawking idea but I wonder if I would understand what he was talking about. My first choice would be my wife Debbie of course since she is the center of my universe, but if they were both gone it would have to be Stephen King. You ever read any of his books? One chapter could take up a whole day.

    ole hipster

    Hey Keith! Unreal, but Stephen King is my favorite author and always has been. I've readh almost all of his works! An interesting idea to have him to be stranded with! BTW your wife is a lucky woman to have you think of her this way!


    you must try dean koontz.
    ole hipster

    A-h-h, yes I also read Koontz...pretty much read all of the nicely really scary stuff by a variety of authors

    well for me it would be my ex b/f because I still love him and want to tell him how i still feel after all this time ....I will always feel this way

    ole hipster

    I too feel love for my ex's but not romatic love but love for them as a person and for the past good times

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