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    Which is the better Suv Ford Expedition or Excursion

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    It depends what you want it for. The availability of the Ford was still making the Expedition in 2010, but it stopped production of the Excursion in 2005. So, shoppers will have less used vehicles to choose from if they want to consider the Ford Excursion. Consider features. Since it hasn't been manufactured for years, innovations like rear view cameras, navigation systems and wireless phone technology are not likely to be built-in to an Excursion. Evaluate engines. The 2010 Ford Expedition boasts a V-8 engine, which was also standard on the Excursion, but some Excursions have an optional V-10 engine.
    Check seating capacities. Both vehicles offer third row seating. The Excursion has seating capacity for up to nine passengers, while the Ford Expedition comfortably seats eight.
    PRICE THEM UP!! In August 2010, a 2005 Excursion Limited with about 61,000 miles was on the market for $31,000. An Expedition made the same year that had 53,000 miles was offered for $22,000.

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