I have a 401K from a past employer and am considering rolling over to an alternate retirement account. What would my best option in choosing another plan or staying with my current account.

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    If you have a good full service broker, I'd consider moving your 401K to him.  You can roll your 401K into a Rollover IRA.  Please make sure that you open a separate IRA account from this rollover position, the reason being that in many states there are benefits tax-wise when you make the withdrawal as compared to a Tradtional IRA.  If you comingle the rollover amount with your other IRA accounts, you could very well have eliminated any tax benefits you may have.

    Your new broker can presumably guide you through your asset allocation based on your risk tolerance, age, etc.  A company's 401K specialist would be less inclined to help with your specific investments.  Ask around to see if you can interview some brokers. 

    Chiangmai said it all. Find a broker first and roll it over to IRA.

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