What is your openion, about people who correspond with prisoners ?

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    Like the women who become sexual pen pals for cons? I think they're very sad and lonely and maybe have mental issues or a complete lack of self esteem.



    Not everyone, including, males, write to prisoners, become sexual pen pals. There are reiendship correspondings also.

    That's fine but I was speaking of the ones who end up in romantic sexual affairs with these criminals solely because they are criminals and known to be evil. There is something wrong with a woman who would take herself to that level.

    The ones who become pen pals in my opinion have to be desperately lonely and feel a prisoner is their only option for companionship. Or they are overly sensitive and think they can fix the criminal through kindness and caring.

    I disagree with you, been a member of A.I. and attended many meetings, meeting people who correspond with prisoners, are far from been desperately lonely.Some have gone to visit their pen pal, including, Husband/Wife, as correspondings became a family affair.with prisoner. The people who corresponn, have their lives also.

    Your disagreement is noted. Personally this is not an important issue to me. You asked for opinions and I gave mine. I would never correspond with a prisoner unless I knew them personally or did not know they were an inmate. I wonder about some of the people here on akaQA if they are not incarcerated people. I take my chances with this forum.

    If they feel comfortable doing it, sure


    Not to worry, Im not incarcerated.

    Dollybird, that never entered my mind.

    Sorry Ann, my comment, that im not incarcerated, was not ment for you, I didnot want to put persons name.

    matheneyg,  you cant judge anyone, just because they correspond with prisoners. You dont know people.

    Depends on the circumstances.....Family members who go to jail or your partner,it's only natural to keep in contact.But women who just for the sake of it,no i don't agree. God knows what these crims are all about ,they would only tell you what you want to hear and the majority would only be using you so they can get through their sentence.Once they are released i reckon you wouldn't see them for dust.

    offenders need social contact with outside , Kairos , a religious group , goes to prisons and gives offenders cookies  and other type of little goodies. I have seen it three time when female kairos volunteers get involved with an offender. The offender and female fall in love and get married when he gets out.  Never lasts long. The female is no longer allowed back on prison when relationship gets discovered. Thus disrupting  the intentions of kairos goal.


    zorro, this I can understand, it is good to know, not everyone in contact with offenders, are lonely or lack self esteem, or mental health issues.(make up)

    As much as i could care less about convicts, i do know a visit helps moral of them. Makes them feel not alone, then less aggressive.

    They are lacking something  in their mental makeup  I think.

    God bless them, prison is a boring, lonely place and any change in the structure is welcomed....

    they are are people as well ,maybe not all are guilty and need compasion as well, so whats the problem..


    Dolly , what is A.I. ?

    It takes a special kind of person to correspond with letters placed in envelopes and postage paid.  To put that effort into corresponding with a prisoner whom one has never met, is an extreme act of kindness.  Correspondence to a prisoner out of kindness is commendable.  The content of the letters are chatty, general, benign, and not personal in nature.

    Corresponding with a prisoner one has not met (or has met as described by chance in the prison system) for the sake of having a relationship with that person is more than a little creepy on a number of levels. 

    Corresponding with a prisoner one has a relationship prior to the incarceration is completely acceptable. 

    Did I miss a scenario? 



    Bob/PKB, It sounds like you have good knowledge of human rights, which alot of people, judging from their replys, dont have.

    Thank you, Dollybird. My son is in jail, and the letters are like gold. He has had a few "cellies" ask if I would write to them. lol

    they're lonely and they want to avoid real contacts with real people. And I think the reason some women want to marry long term inmates, is that at least she'll know where he is every night, and that he's not going out with another woman. And some women take up with male inmates, so they don't have to get involved in a intimate relationship; but still, he says I love you ---to her and tells her she's pretty adn that she's the only girl he'll ever want.


    P.S. they think the relationship is ''safe'', and that's what they want.

    Hi mycatsmom, A.I. meaning, Amnesty International. I do agree with what you wrote, reguarding some women. Different types of females,(and lets not for get, some males also), correspond with inmates,not everyone on out side is looking for love, with inmate, some do it as hobbie, pen pal correspondings.

    ed, Im so happy, your getting on with your life, and a lesson learned. Not sure if all prisoners are mentally unstable. At the time of  the crime, some could of flipped. Not sure, what you mean, If there strangers their mentally unstable. To many people, you were also a stranger, does that mean you were mentally unstable also !

    The people who write to convicted criminals with whom they were not acquainted fall into the following;
    Sick, sad or desperate.
    Do gooders looking to get brownie points with the big guy upstairs.
    Please reread my opening.

    My opinion may differ from yours at times, but I defend our rights to have them and the freedom to voice them.

    A loser.

    If there strangers, their mentally unstable. I had the misfortune of spending some time in the County jail while being a 17 year old idiot. I had no visitors, letters or any communication with anyone for six  months including family, friends. Made six months feel like six years. Never went back.


    ....that was just county jail. Prison is a whole different hell. (My son has been in the county jail here since the end of March. We visit 1-2x/week, he calls 2-3x/week, and we write letters 1-2x/month. If I think of him ending up in prison, the tears flow.)

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