Is the world really going to end in 2012?

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    every one is predicting it will I hope it doesnt but who knows we will just have to wait and see I think if something does happen the World will not end it will not be like it is there could be starvation (yea I know there is starvation now in 3rd world countrys) there will be more floods and earth quakes some parts of the world eg the plates will move it will hotter in some countrys to the extreem and freezing in other parts so life will not be the same in our schools over in the UK the Children know all about 2012 I was amazed they say have discussions in School lets hpoe it will not happen dont worry about it mel
    harry crumb

    you say everyone is predicting it. Well i,m not so your wrong there farty pants!
    Probably will for a lot of us, be ready.
    the world will end when you die.
    Search this question in the search box at the top of the page. We have a couple threads asking this very same question already.
    dont be "daft man Scotland is going to win the world cup in four years time "get a life before it does
    harry crumb

    The world will end before scotland wins the world cup ha ha ha
    Please...who knows really?
    Its all a load of bollocks
    Click here. There's about 8 of them you can read through.
    have a little pity harry crumb you just shatter my dreams tam

    No it shall due this 12-22-12 here some silly pictures of what to due if  it goes kaboom p.s play those why o why end of the world blues""""""



    You're welcome

    i hope not

    Yes April fools day 2012.

    One day in the future it will end. The sun will grow enormous and swallow all the planets and then fizzle out into a dwarf.  You, nor I will be around to see this happen and I'm pretty happy about that. You should be too.

    The earth is not going to end soon, it's all talk by some hopeful people who like to draw attention to themselves.

    IT was supposed to end in 2011. now it's 2012. why worry about it. It will end when it will and no one has the calender of this event.  Think it this way - EVERY DAY IS A BONUS - be grateful and live it for others and yourself so you can sleep well.

    it will i think its all over the news it is really hard to know now but 213 is so close i dont think its in 2012 my brother is just 7 i dont want him to die at only the age of 7 its just not fair


    sarah rest assured you will see your brother grow to be old so look after him and pray for him and other brothers all over the world.

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