How to fall outa love?

    i need to fall outa love. were friends and we just fell in love,we admitted our feelings and also agree we cant be together. the other person is married and i dont wanna mess it up.the other person say is there for the children thats it also dont want the family (parents,brothers etc...) to know about the bad marriage. i been thinking maybe it arrainge idk. anyway the point sometimes we cant take it anymore ... we gotta see eachother and when were together its just so perfect like it was meant to be.we tried to stay away from eachother, we didnt see eachother for 3 months yet when we saw eachother again on accident it was stronger on both parts.i cant do this anymore,i want to fall outa love.i tried dating but it was so odd ,i felt outa place,i didnt feel the conection. the thing is we were not soposed to fall in love,it wasnt planned it just happened and now i wanted to stop just dont know how.were so in love is ridiculous but it just cant be.

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    Two things to consider. First you really have not exclusively been with this guy for along time to know how he really is and it takes time to truely fall in love. I mean it is like you are in the honeymoon phase with him and of coarse everything seems perfect. Second, what if you both are truely in love with each other? It is hard to stop true love and yes it sucks. But if you really want out of this you must have absolutely no contact with him and get on with your life. I know this sucks but, eventually time heals all.

    no name

    we known eachother for a lil over 2 years. and yes thats prob true about honeymoon phase.

    that married person is a cheater. do you want to be with a cheater? If you end up together he may well cheat on you in the future. Believe me if he wanted to be with you he would divorce and marry you. I think it's lust not love.

    Top Cat

    AMEN! leave him be !

    no name

    i have to agree to that.

    Love? How could you think this is love? He is not committing himself 100% to you at all.
    I bet you are a secret in his life as well. Unfortunately, he is staying with his wife because he wants to. He loves her and what they have. You are just filling in on the part of his relationship he "misses" with his wife because of his kids and busy work life. He goes on vacations with her and sleeps with her every night and has sex with her too - and sadly you are just an excitement for him right now, unfortunately hurting you while he is being selfish. Lust is always mistaken for Love. I'm sorry about you getting hurt by a married man. It sucks actually. I've been there - done that. Please stay on the path of single men - you WILL find happiness after your broken heart is healed. You will probably always run into him live in the same state. be strong. I hope for the best for you hun.

    psyco mum

    Couldn't have been said any better!

    love is love - even with the person you can't have - "better to have loved and lost than not loved at all" - you are nice person.

    One thing for sure if he is cheating on the wife he is married to now with you, he will do the same thing to you as well, there are people out there that they are like that all their lives the grass always looks greener on the other side and why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

    Is this not the story of many marriages? Sometimes you just meet someone later in life who is your real love and staying in an unhappy marriage is not the answer. Give it time and if you feel this way in a year or so...find some happiness for all.

    no name

    yes,the other person spouse yells,humiliates,treats as a child. we are the same age and the spouse is 10 years older.maybe it has to do with age idk. i actually tried helping them found them marriage counseling and everything,i disapeared for a while and when we saw each other again it wasnt planned it was an accident we were both at the same restaurant having lunch that day in a diff city !! i never expected that and it was like things got stronger and as of right now we havent seen eachother for 3 weeks,im really trying to forget him. i dont even answer calls or text.

    psyco mum

    same person asks "can a man love 2 women?" So is the married man really in an unhappy marriage?

    I wish I had an answer to that one... Took me over a year and my heart is still broken. But it does get easier.. I agree with Pussywillow all hole way... spot on!

    get over it and find your own man!!!

    Any real woman would have never put herself in you situation, i say you get what you deserve a life i misery and heartache!!!!!!!

    ifr any kind of woman at all you will find a man of your own and leave someone elses husband alone!!! Even if your ugly theres someone just as ugly as you out there!! So dont be a home wrecker and wait till hes divorced, but you know as good as i do thats not goin to happen. then again y should he your dumb enough to give it up for free and so you just made a happy man and you made your self a dumbass if thats even any more possible!!!!

    no name

    before you talk trash lil dumb btch if you learn how to read youll see im not a home wrecker im actually staying outa the way. obvious you must look like the chupacabra to make such coment about whos ugly and whos not. if you dont like it,pass it and next time watch your words.

    you can t fall out of love. By the sounds of it you both feel the same way so keep on fighting and going with your gut feeling. 

    hey, this girl's not cheating on anybody, it's what you seem to be forgetting. She has no responsability at all to this wife of his. He's the one that's breaking promises here. So if she thinks this man will bring her happinness she has every right to give it a shot.

    Deleted User

    sorry you're in such a rough spot no name... but i guess if you get the guy you might have to get used to the criticism. If not it'll be to deal with the heartbreak. Good luck though. (I'm sure you're not ugly)

    no name

    thank you finally someone who read before posting :)

    These people are mean. "but consider that, would you want to be with a person, that cheats/ lies/ forgets birthdays". If it's true love you should go for it. Talk to the other person about it. If they still choose their family.. well you're screwed. I've had a broken heart for a few months now... it doesn't look like it's going away. If you can be with your loved one you should at least give it a shot.

    no name

    i can say he doesnt forget my birthday,he remembered the exact day and time we met and we even reenacted our first meeting,same words,same coffee,same everything.i was awwe because he remembered and i didnt lol

    Life is not a dress rehearsal, its way too short to let a love like that go by the way side. If its meant to be it will be.


    If this person has decided to stay in his marriage, then let it go. Its a hard decison but you deserve to be happy and commited to a relationship that can grow. Stay away from him and do not contact him agin. It willl take time to get over the relationship. We cannot always be with the one we love.


    I agree... Spot on!

    If this person has decided to stay in his marriage, then let it go. Its a hard decison but you deserve to be happy and commited to a relationship that can grow. Stay away from him and do not contact him agin. It willl take time to get over the relationship. We cannot always be with the one we love.

    First of all a "Bad Marriage" is never good for the children or the parents, That being said I think in most cases whats good for the parents is good for the children. In my opinion couples should never stay married just to make family happy. After all marriage is about 2 people's happiness together, not because it may or may not make family members happy. If you truly care for this persons family then cut off this relationship with said person and avoid a disaster in the future.

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