can a man be in love with 2 women?

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    Interesting question. I would have to go with David1 theory. Here is a thumbs up for your question. Feel free to return the favor.


    I love ever woman that I have evered loved

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    No they can not Fall in Love with two people at once .... I aggree witht the lust Idea .... but sometimes I think there are different qualities to someone that you may love ... this meaning you can find two different people with two different qualities to love ... but you wont be happy unless you find someone who has them both so you don't have to deal with to crazy woman just one ... I am female and I know our race are crazy ..... we have to put up with men

    I have often thought of this. Now if I was born in (say)Manchester I would probably have married a girl from there. Or if i was born on Australia I would have married and Australian. And if I had taken a job in America I would have..well you get my drift. So there are potentially millions of women I could have married depending on my geographical position at that time. Therefore it follows there are milloins of women I could have fallen in love with given the right circumstances. So it is quite possible to be in love with two women who you are in contact with at any one time

    psyco mum

    "yes" would have been quicker :)

    Yes that could happen. Problem is--- what now?

    You are just fooling yourself if you think 2 women will share a man. I know..... what about the Mormons. Well have you seen any specials on that lately? If not look it up.

    No you can not be in love with two women regardless of what anyone says, if you are in love with what they do or give you! I can guarantee you that if you are in love with one woman and do all the things necessary to commit wholeheartedly in the relationship then you would not have anytime for the another woman. There is a difference of being in love and just loving someone, one of the two has become a sister or a mother to you, except that you may me in a sexual relationship because you want to own what both have to offer. But in all reality, you need to look at yourself, your worth and value, your morals, and weigh out what is really going on that you are hiding! Look in your past, look at your family, look at your friends, look at your life and determine if someone have really explained to you that commitment is not love, commitment is a component of love. Love has many attributes and grows as an individual grows, you need to ask yourself some questions and be honest with yourself. It is not possible to be in love with more than one person at a time. Not only is it impossible it is too much work and too stressful on the soul and body even if the spirit of lust is satisfied. I suggest digging deep inside and face the consequences of your desire and free yourself from the overwhelming desire to find all of what you need in more than one person. If you can do this then when you wake of from fantasy island you will find all you ever wanted was in your face in one package and nothing was wrong with it except you did not learn how to draw out what needed. Anyway, you know the answer to your question and you know the solution. Speak the truth and quit making your mind lie to you. Apparently love is a cliche and not a foundation for the morals you should have. Being in Love and Loving Someone is 2 different things, try getting forcing yourself to tell the truth to both of them and see exactly who is in love with you or ask them to tell you the truth. May be neither!

    Oh yes. very easy and very nice

    no you cant. you cant be in love with 2 people. when find who you really love you will know it is to strong to be found with 2 people.


    I think that is called lust not love and there is a BIG DIFFERENCE

    Yes but not at the same time, a point all respondents appear to have missed.

    I have a hard enough time managing ONE WOMAN.

    O yes one can be in love equally with 2 people at the same time

    Yes he can.

    Yes and a woman can be in love with 2 men

    Ah in your other question you said he was in a bad marriage. so is he telling you he does or does not love her. If he loved you he would be with you.

    no name

    dont say theres love for the other person but for the children.

    no name

    i understand that,i have kids my self

    psyco mum

    no matter who he is with he can and will still love his children

    YES! It may not be ethical but its possible. are you finding yourself in this situation?



    Not if they know about each other. husband had affairs with many women at a time.. before and after marriage, :p but he loved only 1 dat is his xgirlfriend.. who rejected his proposal LOL... so i wud disagree that men loved 2 women at a time... he wud enjoy with them at same time but yes love only 1..

    Yes, he can be in love with two women or ten women. But, then, define love. Is it a physical love which is actually lust? Or is it a soulmate love? It can be many things. I think the question is really "Do you want to be with a man who loves you and another woman?" If you don't mind him loving another woman, then don't worry. If you want him exclusively, then you are headed down a path that will lead to heartbreak.

    Only if he is crazy.

    no! becouse then if they dont know that you like another person they will just get made and go away and then you wont have anybody so just choose the best one and the other one you can tell her the truth and hopfully she will understand

    i laughed out loud on this quest. ROFL... yes, he can fall in love with more than 10 at a time heheheh :D.

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