What are chances that other life forms exist in the universe?

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    Other life forms or intelligent extraterrestrial life forms? Dr. Carl Sagan quoted a formula about the odds of life in his popular show, "Cosmos." He did not invent the formula, but used it to show his point. Admittedly, based on some assumptions, he came up with millions and billions of planets with life, or just one - ours. If somewhere between the two is the ultimate correct answer, then the answer to your question is there is a 100% chance that life exists elsewhere in the universe.


    "beem me up scotty no sign of inteligent life here' ....captain kurk


    t.u. blue, good answer!

    I think of it like this.. Go to the beach, pick up one grain of sand, then look back at the beach and imaging the grain you hold is earth.. Pretty vast huh?? And that is only a portion of the universe.
    Even more thought! We talk of life in 'outerspace' when the opposite of that is 'innerspace' looking at an atom being the smallest unit of an element A nucleus surrounded by neutrons and protons that when examined with these parts circling the nucleus is not unlike our own solar system with its planets circling the sun. Perhaps there is life in innerspace as well?? If you've ever worked with 'fractals' you can get an idea of what infinity is.. You can always go deeper and further and when you get there you can go deeper and further.. (Have fun beating your head against the wall on this one..)

    Yes i think there is life out there as well as in there..

    I am a proponent that other life forms do exist in the universe besides us. It would be self-centered, selfish and megalomaniac to think that WE are the CENTER of the universe and that "we iz all we got." Jesus was once quoted as saying that He has "many mansions"--meaning more that one place to reside. Even if you don't believe in God, it's mathematically impossible based on science, that we are the only life forms in this still expanding universe.

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