how do we get pythonover to stop answering stupidly......I knew about the Dr. option

    -2  Views: 771 Answers: 9 Posted: 11 years ago

    Then see a doctor "Head one"nutter

    Itsmee -- over and out (The name he called you struck me funny)
    You are so dang smart Sometimes I get your responses in the middle of my night. Thank you Thank you. You're just awesome sauce, python over : )

    9 Answers think my answer was "stupid"You want to know how to mend the nerves in your fingers so your lower palm is no longer numb.Wouldn't a Doctor be able to tell you this more than a bunch of strangers that don't have any Degrees in medicine.Maybe i should  have answered ,chop your hand off.

    ole hipster

    You may sic your python on this person! (:

    yeesss,a bite from my snake will make his /her other hand numb lol

    that sounds like something i would say ! lol


    I like pythonlover too and perhaps I do give too much medical advice but know when to stop and say the very same see DOC.

    Hey Crabby: pytholover is one of our cherished, bright members and a moderator. How dare you call her that name.

    Well, of course a DOCTOR would know best, but OUR advice is FREE!
    Chop your hand off might probably have been a better-received answer! Some people....

    Her name is not PYTHONOVER. check your spelling, crabby.  you flunked

    crabby patty is right !? I haven't seen the question and answer yet but I do know about many answers and helps people. this is not the place for you and your comment was rude.  goodbye. 

    well crabby patty, what did you expect for an answer?  call the fire department?

    Now leave pythonlover alone! We all need some laughter on this site and pythonlover is a valuable member!


    All i said to him /her was, see the Doctor.

    You should have said "Head doctor

    She's trying to help you dude.

    This post should be removed, however I am going to leave it as an example as to what the community members or users do not do on this forum. Members or users of this forum are NOT to post such threads that call out another member in a way to embarrass them or to try and generate attacks against another member. The members and the users of this forum do NOTHING about another member except to report them to the administrators of this forum if they feel the person is being abusive. The administrators with handle it, not "you".

    As a moderator of this forum, I can tell you, Pythonlover is a much respected member of this community and helps a lot of people daily with her advice. She causes no trouble and gives the best advice she knows to give. No member here has a proven medical background or has a license to diagnose a medical issue. The best advice every member here gives concerning a medical question is, see a doctor. If that is not good enough for you then you are more than welcome to find another forum that will play doctor for you but you will not call out one of the community members because you do not like their advice. No one will. The administration of akaQA protects it's members from abuse by the fly by users.

    Leave pythonlover alone.  She always gives good advice and has a great sense of humor.  And she knows how to spell.  yvonne57

    we don't thats the beauty of it all!

    Some like to joke.  It is fine as long as you don't try to hurt someone.  Go with the flow~~~~~~~~~

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