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    What causes the oil to shoot out the engine when we start the truck?

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    I agree it could be pcv valve ( positive crankcase ventilation) or if the oil is coming out the dipstick hole it could be blown oil rings.

    Is it shooting out of the left side?

    Could be oil sending unit is bad.Or pcv valve could be bad.

    Really it all depends what you mean by shoot out and where it's shooting out from.As has been hinted at already a blocked PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve or a blocked engine breather hose.What's meant to happen is this.Blow-by vapours and crankcase pressure used to be vented by an open hose to the atmosphere but anti pollution laws banned that so instead we have the PCV system which draws air from the air filter mixes it with the vapour n vents it thru a valve into the inlet manifold to be burned but if the valve or a hose blocks the pressure in the crankcase builds up and blows oil out wherever it can,usually sump gaskets,dipstick etc.It could also be your rocker cover gasket is crap as they tend to go a lot after mid to high milege

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