recorders for training parrots

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    I've had birds most of my life, I tried to use a prerecorded tape I bought from a pet store once, but didn't have much luck with the bird I tried it on. I'm not sure if that's the case with all birds, just didn't work for Chico. I think he preferred the one on one time over a less personal tape, but who knows?

    I was told if you want to teach them to talk and whistle you should teach them to talk first, because it much more difficult for them. I'm pretty sure it depends on what type of bird you have. The smaller birds don't have nearly as much vocabulary as the larger parrots. I had an African gray that picked up on almost anything you tried to teach him. He wouldn't cuss for some reason? Anyway good luck with the bird!

    Never thought of a recorder but it should work. I have taught budgerigars to talk but is a slow have to repeat a word over and over. If you recorded a word time after time then set the playback it should work, thumbs up for interesting and intelligent question

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