how come the people u love don't love u back... but those u don't give a fck bout are always persistent???

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    It's some cases(More than not)sadly when a man or woman seems to treat us right we take that for granted or feel somewhat smothered,but when we are treated like crap...we want them even more.Maybe it is something we grow out of.I'm not telling you to treat people poorly but it just seems to work that way.

    It's because relationships are most often a learning experience and that's all they are meant to be from a spiritual perspective.. even if it is love that lasts a lifetime like a marriage, then a relationship with no tension is like a tree with no shadows. Not enough there to be worth remembering..

    Born too late

    "a relationship with no tension is like a tree with no shadows"

    Excellent simile!


    Thank you! :D

    the world is wierd. happens to me sometimes

    I don't know if this reply will help or not. Just know that you are not alone; not the only person feeling that way. I cannot know your situation or what prompted the question.

    Let me share a life experience. I dated someone that proudly identified herself as a vampire. I thought it was a joke because she was more of a night person than a day person. But I understand all too well now what a Vampire is. They are someone to whom you give all you have and receive less and less in return; quite simply, you can never do enough for them. Rather than being appreciative, they are merely expectant. They cannot deal with the issues in their own lives and would rather suck the life out of yours. Unfortunately, I did not come to this realization until I fell in love with one...a few relationships down the road. Been with her for four years now and I can say I cannot see it getting better despite my hope, love and best efforts. Last year she didn't even remember our anniversary.

    I do know that if you feel the way you do about someone and your feelings are unrequited then you are simply barking up the wrong tree. Move on. Not to be merely cliche, but life truly is too short. And as a person you deserve more. The ones that are persistent despite your best efforts to show you lack a connection with them are obsessed in some manner with the character you emulate. People by their very nature want to surround themselves (usually) with good people. While this of and in itself is not a bad quality, people lacking in self-confidence and self-esteem often latch on to someone to feed a need in themselves they are either incapable of satisfying or to recieve recognition that elevates them amongst their peers so as to justify their actions. Not a good thing (see Vampire, above).

    Be well.

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