Where in the Bible can I find, that the Black marry the black and white marry the white.

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    Don't believe that phrase or text exists in the Holy Bible. This is a cultural issue; certainly not spiritual.

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    You won't find it. Some racist groups may twist a scripture to shape it and make it appear like that's what it's means, but that's not scriptural.

    I never seen that in the BIBLE.Moses married an Etehopian

    Moses' wife was black, big deal. I've never come across any such scripture. The scripture was written for practical purposes, and what matters is what is in the heart, not the outward appearance.

    the bible seek to develop individual relationships between man and GOD not races. The old testament shares stories of cross marriages, Ruth and Boaz, Joseph and his egyptian wife, Solomon and his many wives. Jacob married two wives from another race than himself, sisters. Issac wife was chosen from another race. And there are many other example in the bible for cross marriages. Man changed laws in the early 1900's against mixed marriages, We have come a long way from that kind of prejustice Tony

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