USS Breckinridge Veterans 1944

    Are you or do you know a naval veteran who served on the USS Breckinridge (DD 148/ AG 112) in Spring 1944, alive and well enough to correspond with a fellow vet?

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    This site is how a lot of my old Navy buddies got in contact with me. Give it a try and good luck. I know there are fewer and fewer WWII vets every day and I hope you find an old shipmate.

    Your a great American sir.


    Good stuff TSC


    Nothing feels better than hearing the voice of an old shipmate after 34 years like I did just recently. The two of us laughed for over an hour reminiscing about our Navy days. It was a joy.

    I took it upon myself to google "USS Breckiniridge vets who are still alive" and saw quite a bit of information for you. Try it if you like. I am way over 30 myself, by the way! Don't knock our site, we're all not mentally challenged! (:


    got my vote hipster, very helpful.


    Thank you for responding and for the reference. I tried something like that a while ago without luck, but I'll try again with your specific input. I wasn't trying to knock this site. I was only making an observation.

    ole hipster

    Thanks for thanking me!

    ole hipster

    thanks leeroy

    There's an excellent site for searching veterans, it's call
    Here's a link which should be what you're looking for -

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