Is there any FREE Music sites I can download music, Other than Limewire( it messed up my computer)

    I tried Lime Wire and actually did download some music I put on CD's but it caused so many problems with my computer I had to delet it and get a repairman to fix the mess afterwards. I just want to download some older music, Raggea, country, soul, R&B, PLease contact me at and let me know?

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    yes its called frostwire no viruses

    BEARSHARE is the one i problems, and you are not stealing..only sharing, but they are yours to keep.

    Well Dyneau, I would not use frostwire, I would use Mp3 rocket. On Mp3 rocket you get to see or hear what ever song or video you want to see. When the song or video is done you will have to pick my files and then you look for the song you want and the you right click and open with Itunes and it should appear there.
    go through this site where you can download numbers of audio songs
    in your name: just type in google and
    there are two options.1. signup and 2.login .click signup.and enjoy..

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