Dating advice from women

    What do Women want from Men?

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    Well someone able to hold and interesting conversation with intelligence attached to it. Respect is huge and I love a man that looks after himself, dresses nice, keeps himself clean. Arrogance is very unattractive. If he shows interest in a woman rather than spending the entire time telling you about himself and how great he is...that is nice. A self confident man is very sexy but there is that fine line again...too much information about how great he is shows insecurity.There is more but my clients are here...hope this is good info for you...cheers

    Respect, kindness, being a friend first.

    Honesty. Respect. A Natural High. Ability To Create Strong Work Ethic. The Thought of 'being together' continues Both parties orginization. Cleanliness. Outgoing Yet Using Their Heads.....p.s, No jumping into anytype of Binds or Handcuffs.....It could just go and go and go.......

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