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    If you were asking to write a letter to one person only…someone you loved so dearly, yet no longer around, who will that person be?

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    To my Mom who passed away in 2009 and I still miss my best friend.


    Thank you for your comment and your understanding.


    Sorry to hear that...I lost my best friend too, but they're listening to us, as we tell them how much they meant to us...

    Losing a parent is heartbreaking and takes years to ease the pain. I know this for a fact. I lost my mother. I was 23, she 55. Two years later I lost my dad. Technically, I was an orphan at 26. I could not speak of them without tears for 4-5 years. If it eases your pain, by all means, write a note or short letter. Save it with all the little notes you have or her memories.


    I sure would love to read that book. To Gary and Mshar I am truly sorry. One never gets over the loss of their parents and even being a lot older, it is a horrible experience and a hard thing to come to grips with that one is an orphan. God bless you and keep you and touch your hearts and dry your tears and heal your pain.


    My father who left in the war, I never seen him, I lost my mother at the age of 12; she was my best friend the light in my darkness, the tears I cried each day. I wrote her million letters, but sometimes, it is very disappointing when somehow it feels like they don't know us any longer. And what I did was turn the words into poems book call, THE GIFTS OF A MOTHER, THE FOUNTIAN OF TEARS; it is a great book for every mother. Writing that book send a message to her, that I love her even when she not around. That why I posted this question. Writing a letter to my mom really help me.


    People say my poems are very emotional, to me I think they don’t understand the countless grieves it contain losing a parent. I lose my parents at a young age; there are many things that could happen to a 12 years old child. But writing kept me away from all those bad stuff.
    The book is not out yet, but you can read some of the poems on lulu, type in Somewhere across the globe by Marthaline Shar, after you get that one, just click on my name, and read the rest of them. To all of you that would want to check it out, you're all welcome.

    Sorry but what would be the point of writing to somebody who was not around?

    sorry to hear that, i'd love to read that book one day. it's really lonely to lose someone who is the closest to you in this world of strangers. keep strong.


    I am sure you can start by reading 10 poems, just go to lulu, then type in Somewhere across the globe by Marthaline she, after when you get that one, then click on my name, and read the rest of them. The book is on the way soon, and I will surely keep you in mind to sent you one…thanks for understanding

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