what causes peripheral edema?

    my feet swell if i stand for 8 hours or so, i never had this problem... what could be the reason? my salt intake is pretty much reduced...i cook food at home... also this problem started like 4 months ago :( i heard its from contraceptive pills...but the time i had it first i wasnt on pills ... and doc. said its just salt intake...and i know i dont take extra salt...i dont know what to do next !

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    i paid visit to doc and she said i had mild varicose veins and its due to extreme tiredness :(

    edema is caused by movement of charged particles across a membrane, carrying fluid with it. Most medications, particularly pain relievers like aleve, ibuprofen, motrin; steriods like prednisone and hormones like esttrogen cause water retention seen as peripheral edema. With age, the valves in the leg veins"give out" and with standing, columns of blood become near stagnant, and the serum separates from the red blood cells. The charged particles, sodium, etcetera worsens the valvular incompetency (inability to move blood in a given direction). Peripheral edema can be associated with hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Also, it can be a harbinger of heart failure or kidney disease. But before we go to all the awful-lies.....and

    that said, support hose, decreased salt intake (increase your free water intake to dilute your body's sodium), and elevate your legs by supporting your knees while sedentary.

    If you eat a typical American diet, you are on sodium overload. Check out food labels; surprise yourself with how much sodium is in Pillsbury biscuits!!!! or canned foods.

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