should Abortion be legal or not?

    i know this is a disputable/persuasive topic... but personally i think Abortion should not be legal ...Abortion = Killing = shud be considered as a crime not a choice ... we are killing a baby so what it is inside our body and not physically present out in the world...if we had killed a child even 1 day old that wud be a crime then why kill a child in your womb...? so i am against Abortion!

    what do you say? wud love 2 know ur opinion on this!

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    Abortion is Killing. Take a beautiful baby out of the womb before birth and it is called abortion. Kill a baby just after birth and it is called murder. Why?. If the baby could talk it would say....'Please let me live'


    When the baby breathes air (O2) into it's lungs, that's when the law recognizes it as live and not just growing and developing into a human being.

    I personally do not believe Soul is present from the moment of conception. There's not enough room in a pinhead to fit a Soul and Soul is what makes a body alive.

    At what age do you think a body has soul, Coleen.

    I am 100 percent pro-life. Then in 1973 Roe V.S Wade was passed and then history was made.GOD gave people free will to make choice's in this matter your choice's are to have your baby or not to have the baby.I know this is legal.Their is an alternative you can raise the baby or give it up for adoption

    It is a very controversial and sensitive issue. As I respect others opinions on this, my belief is No, abortion should be illegal. When a woman finds out she is pregnant, the baby's heart is already beating. Abortion comes after that. It means abortion is a murder of the most precious gift from God no matter what the origin of pregnancy was. It's the care after the birth we are responsible for as in society. More importantly, If we accepted abortion, making it legal, we would declare no moral standards to our society. We must stand by our ethics, otherwise we are no different from animals.

    If it has a heart beat its living. So the choice is this do i commit murder or do i let this child fully develop and give the child a home, those who do abortion are selfish and very uncaring people, but want the world to think they are caring. Also if it's okay to do abortion then why are they so secretive about it, and don't tell me it's personal because if it's legal then why is it that you won't talk about it like its normal.

    Yes for sure. It is a well documented fact that crime rates go steeply up when abortion is made illegal and down when it becomes legal again (see the boom freaconomics). It is best both for society, the parents and the children themselves that birth mistakes could be controlled. Not to mention cases in which women get pregnant through rape and other sad cases.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    pascal good answer thumbs up for taking a controversial stand.

    not: it seems to me the ones who make these decisions have already been born!

    As always, daren, clever!

    Women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies . Abortion should be legal the world over .

    This is where I leave my conservative roots. i think its a woman's choice in the first trimester, illegal after that. I think there are so many variables to this.. Going out, getting drunk with your boyfriend and getting prego is not the same as being raped by a thug with bad DNA.. If she chooses to have this baby, more power to her.. Just the thought of looking at this baby as a remembrance of a bad experience will surely be felt by this child later.


    I agree with you.

    I'm pro life. I do understand some women have no choice.

    @ nic....thats what exactly i meant after seeing a heart beat of a child how could someone just abort it :( i will say that people just forget that it was their mistake and not the child's :(

    @ pascal i wud like to mention it here.. that in the countries where abortion is illegal and someone wants to abort as a result of rape etc. they have a choice by the doc. but i meant by making it an opt for everyone to just have abortion coz they made a MISTAKE :( thats totally not fair... its a risk to the health of mom too... as i read that abortion can double the rate of Breast and Uterus Cancer..

    i think it should be controlled! its a woman's choice at the time of sleeping with that MAN!

    Well it is the womans choice so if she thinks it is right for her situation. Like if she got pregnant by a man she didn't want to get pregnant by she should be able to get rid of the child or if she was a teen and wasn't ready for a child. This should be the womans choice.


    <a href="/users/1529/pookie123/">@pookie</a>&jeanex I agree that ultimately it is the woman's body and she has the final word, but without the fathers knowledge or approval? What happened to a fathers rights?


    Father's rights are to use protection so he doesn't impregnate a woman who doesn't want to carry a body for 9 months.
    If it were the man who could get pregnant then abortion would be his decision to make.
    If you are the father of a fetus that is carried by an unwilling mother, then the father should be the one to cary the rejected child to term. A woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body and that should include aborting a fetus that can be carried to term by a man.

    So explain how the transfer would take place to the father

    Only you can make the descision,Because you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

    Yes but but not at taxpayers expense.

    They charged Scott Peterson with the crime of killing his unborn baby, Connor, as well as killng his wife. So, it must be illegal for the father to kill his unborn baby , but not for the mother.


    Scott's baby was further along then what is allowed for abortions.

    For my answer to this "Not sure" We kill animals to control population of them, So would it not be the same for a human fetus? In the case were women being rape wouldn't haft to make that choice. They have option to accept or refuse to carry the fetus for nine month.Again when a marry women get pregnant by her husband, the choice is no longer available to her, only exception would be for health reason.

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