walking in sleep

    i experienced this twice... once when i was sleeping on a couch and all of a sudden i started to see my self as physical body and a soul (black) not away from me but yes i cud differentiate...everything was grey , black and white.... i cud see the clock ticking... the patio and even my room... i stood up and started to walk and as soon as i reached my bedroom door and my husband looked at me.... i fell right at the floor and woke up :o
    it never happened for 13 yrs n suddenly couple of days ago while i was sleeping i choked n i sat up and started coughing n all again was black /grey n white and then when my husband patted my back and same happened i fell on the bed as if i were sleeping again and i woke up in the morning ...:o
    why is this happening ...any personal experiences with anyone ?
    should i seek medical help...? or anything i could try to make it better?

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    Won't hurt.....


    i will consider it :) thanks ...;)

    Nothing at allto worry about. You were just in the state of half asleep and half awake. I sometimes know I am asleep and dreaming but I can't wake up.

    thanks Ivor n Randy :)

    i've scheduled with a neurologist not only for this but other prob. too ... :)

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