how to get rid of mice

    we had our house renovated 6 months ago... the doors remained open all day and mice just found their way how 2 get rid of them... we have tried every possible trap.... glue traps r useless... mice just jump over em... n tried 2 seal every possible hole with steel wires/nets... our house has vents on floor..i see them jump from vent to vent ... and travel from basement to top floor via vents...they are everywhere...and freak us out ... please help how 2 get rid of them... helpless... :(

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    We live in the country... I have to keep at least one cat. I have two they are inside/outside cats. We no longer have any problems with mice, snakes, or moses. The best part is no poisons around my children.

    Try the oldest remedy Get a cat


    There is a device selling on the market. It plugs into the wall outlet and emitted a sound that only animals can hear this rid your house of mice and other insects. I have tried it and it works you can usually find it at a hardware store.


    thanks Dave... never thought of that ;)

    The only old-fashioned tried and true method regular mousetraps set them carefully and use peanut butter and stick a piece of cheese into the peanut butter this makes it more difficult for them to get out henceforth time for the trap to spring and kill them. TA DA no more mice.

    i used the poisened food that comes in a lil box. Worked great ! GOOD LUCK

    A mars bar and a razor blade.
    Ok you stick the razor into a piece of wood, sharpe edge up. Place the chocolate on the other side. The mouse comes along but is smart. He stretches over the blade and snatches the choc. Do this for three days. On the forth day take the blade away but leave the choc. On day 5 put the blade back but take the choc away. The mouse will stretch his neck over the blade, notice that the choc has gone. He will then shake his head from side to side thinking who has nicked his choc.


    kinda playin games with them LOL! i have kids so dont know if the blade is safe :o

    ole hipster

    Kinda' gross sounding but I imagine it's effective! I can tell you're not a mouse lover!

    I echo the comments made above, when they said, "GET A CAT."
    This house had (yuk) mice all over when I moved in. My cats
    made short work of clearing them all out. No more nice!

    @ cassie is decon a poison??

    thanks 2 all for u precious time and advices...@ Jenn wow u must be really strong to face all of them :o n yes agree with u n Cradie that poison is really dangerous around kids ...

    Let me tell you what really works,those plug in sound deterents. We had mice once, and got those plug in ultra sound deterents, our other pets did not seemed to be bothered at all, but no mice.


    thanks tina .... :)

    Use humane traps, but make sure to take a long way from your house or you will get them back



    I just heard that peppermint oil on cotten balls in the corner of your rooms works well.


    really :O thats not bad ;) i also tried moth balls :p but i think it doesnt work for mice :D thnx Judy n Shirley :)

    Mothballs are no good for mice or moths I bought a bag of two hundred moth balls & I didn't manage to hit one moth with them.

    feed them decon

    One must never use poisoned bait. The mice ingest it Owls eat the mice and die. They are the raptors that keep the mice population down so that is awful. I use live traps filled with peanut butter. I then take the mice out to an open field away from housing and release. It works good. Also have a cat whose function is to catch any mouse that gets into the house. He is a house cat because we have resident coyotes. So, he is only allowed indoor pests.


    Temec is the pioson that cross kills. Please stay away from it.

    There is a device on the market. It emitts a sound that only mice and other animals can hear. I have tried it before because I lived near a field and had mice problem. This device not only rid you of mice but other insects. You could find it at any hardware store.


    Don't waste your money on the electronic device. It's worthless.
    Get a cat. The mice will sense a cat in the house and leave as fast as they got in.


    thanks ...this sounds great...i will get it right away...i hope it doesnt effect humans :p

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