Do child welfare workers have too much pull

    They play god to much, there is a lot of kids taken from their parents that do not need to be taken at all.
    Yes there are kids that need the system but they over do it, i know parents that are hard working people and they took the kids out of the home because they work to much or little stupid things that really don't make sense, i just wish that the mothers and fathers out there would fight the system have a protest or something ? Why not, it would be nice to see kids and the family's back together again, and are they not there to help the family's stay together not tear them apart?
    If there is any one out there that will have the courage to make a stand for the rights of parents then let's get it together and do something about it, for the kids


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    I know a family. The father hit his daughter. She walked out and phoned the help line. She was 10 years old. The father did not get her back for 9 months. The welfare changed her school as well. Crazy.

    The welfare must have convinced the courts that this was and the childs guardian, appointed by the court that that action was necessary. You most likely donot know the the full facts.
    Child welfare workers have no direct powers. If they have concerne about a child they have to convince a court before removing a child from their families.

    That is the law but, they do as they please. They removed our one son, sent him to another without probable cause or a court order. Took it before a judge 4mos. later they lost but, nothing was done about it.

    It would be ilegal to remove a child without a court order. Why didnt you seek legal advice?

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