falling in love

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    POWERFUL. rare. haunting. everlasting ,,, . ed, i was thinking about "sliding." i think that's right but i don't understand it .... never mind me. i've been overcome by the fumes of my carpet cleaning.
    ed shank

    I started kindergarten with my wife, we walked to school the first day holding one another's hands while crossing the street. She was always my little Buddy, than my girlfriend, one day I realized I loved her. The rest is "old" history.
    Love is not always everlasting, it fades away...away...
    ed shank

    Sadly your right, we tend to expect to much or can't give enough to our partner, I'm not talking material things. Expect nothing and be grateful for what you receive.

    True, true.
    I don't think you fall into it, you sort of slide into that frame of mind.
    is better than falling out of love
    It is a myth......
    "Falling in love with love is falling for make-believe..."

    Can anyone remember who wrote that song, or sang it... other than me, which is just as well since I can't sing in tune.


    I agree with you. It passes.

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