Would you pay $6,000.00 to be politically correct?

    Would you pay $6,000.00 for a native title survey to satisfy your conscience? I recently received a quote from an aboriginal representative to conduct a heritage survey on an abandoned goldmine from 1904. There is no need for survey to take place, the ground has been surveyed in the past and nothing was found. Should a bloke be blackmailed into paying thousands of dollars or should he make a stand and exercise his rights? Should a white man feel guilty or ashamed just for being born white, should he hand over thousands of hard earned dollars in an effort to lessen the burden of handed down guilt?
    It is easy to be politically correct and support a cause you know little about?

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    This may be helpful: If SMCRA funds are to be used for a reclamation project, the site must be eligible under the strict criteria of federal law. To be eligible for SMCRA funding, sites to be reclaimed must have been mined or affected by mining processes and abandoned or left in an inadequate reclamation status prior to August 3, 1977, (or prior to August 28, 1974, for U.S. Forest Service-administered lands; or prior to November 26, 1980, for U.S. Bureau of Land Management administered lands) .

    SMCRA-funded sites can only be those that are truly abandoned--where there is no one who can be held responsible for the needed reclamation. One statutory eligibility criteria is that there must be no continuing reclamation responsibility under state or federal laws on the part of owners, operators, or others connected to past mining operations on the site. Also, a proposed SMCRA reclamation site cannot be within an area that has been designated for remedial action under the federal uranium control law or under the federal Superfund law

    Dont waste your hard earned money.

    What's a native title survey going to do for you? Sounds like just another salesman trying to seperate you from your money. Tell them you don't have it and don't need it.

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