can a christian sin

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    Yes of course they can - they are human - it is worrying when they beleive that they do not sin or recognise this.

    We are only human Yes we sin that does not make us bad

    Yes, satan induces us to sin. 


    Come on, Bench. Own up to YOUR behaviour.Don't blame others. Free will. Remember ?

    That's my belief based on the Bible. Satan is cunning. But my Lord gives me power to overcome it. Hallelujah!

    Yes, Christians sin. So what is the difference between a Christian sinner and a non-christian sinner? there are many differences and doctrines found within the scriptures. One is the christian acknowledges their sin and need for forgiveness while the non-christian denies sin and rejects God's forgiveness. The christian increasingly becomes aware of sin and increasingly desires to reject sin more and more as they grow in Christ. This can be done through the power of the Holy Spirit who comes to indwell the christian giving the christian a new heart and a new attitude towards God and Love. Love becomes seen through God's eyes and not as the world sees. Jesus said love your enemies, the world says hate your enemies or at least ignore them and be indifferent towards them.

    There are also different types of sins spoken of in the bible. Sins common to man, sins unto death and sins not unto death.  The short answer to the question really does not help one understand the dynamics behind sin as revealed in the Word of God. In reality, until one admits that they are a sinner before a Holy God they cannot understand the things God wants to give.

    God Bless! 


    Some non believers of Christianity strive to do what's right and understand karma is a b**** so do all they can to not create any karma. I as a non believer in Christianity still believe in a higher power and live my life according to what I believe are good standards. Do not continue to use your beliefs of God as a reason to down anothers beliefs. You claim one who rejects sin can not understand the things God wants to give. I reject your statement. I understand the creator's love more than you allow yourself to imagine. I do not turn the creator into a judgmental, condemning being. I am responsible for my actions. I do not give that responsibility away to someone else to take care of.
    Leave non Christians out of your preachings.

    The answer is no BUT GOD WELL FOR GIVE  so go to Town my friend. And enjoy.

    Question (according to something I saw here) If sinning doesn't make you bad, then why is sinning bad?
    I'm so glad sin belongs to the Christians. It can be just as confusing as the rest of the religion.

    YES and they DO.

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