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    I have been reading an interesting book and found this point rather interesting. The author wrote..." If you tell me how you get your feeling of importance, I'll tell you what you are. That determines your character. That is the most significant thing about you. So what makes you feel important?

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    Answering peoples questions.


    I can agree with that Randy...some questions require a lot of responsibility in that they are quite serious to the asker.

    Being alive makes me feel important, we each have a job here on earth. To make use of yourself to make others enjoy their lives too! I love making people smile, as a professional musician I do that. A gift to me is a gift to you. I would do it for free if the cost of living wasn't so high. One of the most enjoyable things I have ever done was going to a senior citizen home and playing for them, the only payment I received was their smile. Of all the money making scenarios I can remember, I remember that one the most. I would do it again and again if I had the time.


    Piano-- B3 organ-vocals and guitar


    Very cool Vinny...what do you play


    seems you've got some talent there. I just went last night and watched April Wine...met the drummer after the show...even though they are quite old now the talent has grown stronger....what an amazing gift to have. I have no musical talent so I envy you(unless I'm in the shower


    When I was in college, my teacher told me during my lesson, "Performing is Giving". Now, I tell it to my students all the time.



    each days a gift thats why they call it the "present'


    AGAIN (CAPS ON)...YOU HIT THE NAIL THERE!!! This is your on day!!!

    I feel important when I am able to lift a childs spirits and make them understand that they are important.


    i am beinf quite lazy... need to get some things done. But it is an amazing day.


    That's an awesome answer.Thanks Jenn...hope your having a great day!

    Nothing makes me feel important but what does make me feel better is to help someone in any way I can that truly needs help and not asking for anything in return.


    Darci, That IS very important and not enough people are doing that these days. TU


    I agree with coach...nice answer Darci13

    ohhh i just feel as important as the next guy no more no less as far as children are conserned they out rank me 100 times more i place there lifes as having much more value than mine i have passed the halfway mark they are just starting and i know im important to my family and loved ones as they are to me and i beleave that by passing on our life skills our profional skills and any well constructed advice that helps others automaticly makes u a important asset so if ur a person that gives up ur time in regards to caring for the less frortunate than u are then i would say that makes u a very important person there is a huge list that i beleave makes someone important and im not saying i fit into such a list i also think its not up to ones self to claim there importance that should be left up to others ( you cant call ur self a hero but others could call u that )


    great post...thanks NINJA

    making things happen


    How about you Mom ?


    good to avoid procrastination


    I have a little procrastination problem once in awhile but who doesn't get lazy now and then. Other than that if I want something eventually it comes

    I personally never felt important, however I know many people who think I am an important person in their lives.


    thats sad...everyone is important in one way or another.If others think you are then that certainly indicates you are

    I feel important because of my kids.


    How true is that...just wait until the teen years they will tear that right out of kidding;)

    My ability to read other people and see things through their eyes.


    I'm a teacher mom, so absolutely I'm a life coach and my students are young teenagers so I feel good knowing that I can make a change. I love going to work each day.

    I'm heading out for the evening dear so you enjoy yourself and take care!


    Well that makes complete sense looking at your advise on this sight. A life coach just like mentioned earlier.Is this what you do for a living then?If not maybe you would consider something like that.


    well how suiting to who you come across online here, you seem very respected.

    My little siblings have always had a way of making me feel important! My parents too! And, some really great friends!

    It sounds like the author is a psychologist. I'm so tired of their half truths.. gatekeepers of wholesome truth. what you are is human. what makes you feel important is just an integral part of your identity or physical ego. It doesn't say much about 'what' you are. A feeling is a feeling is a feeling.


    Yes it do, and I wasn't downplaying the role of an ego.. an ego is certainly important for a physical identity.. trying to destroy it can expose other less friendly qualities, and they will be much less concealed.. it isn't pleasant. And it can be a great cause for depression.


    thats a valid point of view and no it wasn't a psychologist actually but you are right...we all have an ego. I have to say though that a feeling of importance inspires one to keep on keepin on.

    My ability to read and justify my existence to myself.

    mom what have you come up with regarding your existence if you don't mind sharing?


    I have found the more I learn, the more I learn what I don't know. My existence depends on my own curiosity about everything around me. When I stop caring, wondering, or wanting either to help or learn more, will be the time for me to stop living.

    I have seen many people die in my life. In most cases, except for the traumatic deaths, the elders had a reason to live. My Grandfather lived with his cancer until he learned I had returned safely back to my base in California after making the long drive back. Once my Mother told him I had made it safe and sound after visiting him, he closed his eyes, smiled, went to sleep, and then stopped breathing.

    If a person has no reason to live, often times they wont.

    My existence is my own curiosity, wonder, and knowledge that the more I learn, the less I know I actually know - and the more I want to learn.

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