Tell Me One Awesome Thing That Happend Today

    I was at my suppliers today picking up product for the salon and jokingly asked what was free today. All of the sudden she started to pile things on my stack of stuff...awesome or what. Later on my way home, I have to go through a ton of traffic lights....well today was my awesome day because for the first time I can remember...we sailed through like being caught in a wind storm of luck....AWESOME! Tell me what you have had happen today that was simple but AWESOME!!! Come creative!Lighten up...lets start having a little more fun on this sight...seems so serious as of late!

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    life is fragile, I think its awesome to be here another day


    Hi Mom. Regarding those traffic lights. I was in Belfast in a taxi. The driver was a mad man and drove at 100 mph. He sped through every red traffic light. I was hanging on for dear life. A green light and he slammed his brakes on. My face ended up on the screen. I asked what the heck he was playing at. He answered his brother might be coming the other way. (Sorry it was the light thing hope you don't mind the joke)


    lmao...that was funny...LOVE LOVE LOVE the joking!


    Mom, love your thoughtful questions!....and answers! :-}

    Thanks michmar118, I appreciate you saying that.

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    i woke up sun was shinning iwas still breathing, no cows being born ,yet rebirth was still there . god i love this country !!




    Cool, very cool... to see the rebirth in waking up....REALLY LIKE THAT ONE...can I use it;)

    Logging in on this site :-)


    How true is that!!!! Thanks for being such a posative person...much appreciated!

    Hasn't happened yet, but wife will be home this evening after being away for a month ..... Please, no phone calls after 7pm est...

    WOOO HOOO...sounds like the neighbours might need ear

    I am self employed and today I received a Nice order. Will helpme through the hard times.


    Mom Thanks for all the TU. Its nice to have good things to put on here. Too much doom and gloom


    me too...isn't it great when things blossom!!!

    I live in the hill overlooking the sea and islands in the distance. The sunset was fantastic today so all in all this was a great and blessed day


    Sounds beautiful...I have an ocean setting too but only get to see the sunrise(not a complaint)

    Up in the morning
    try to stand
    Feet are in pain
    give me a hand

    Now I bow my head
    and thank GOD
    for the feet I have
    and the strength to trod

    WE all get old
    and pain is not odd
    but as long as I live
    I'll stand for GOD.

    Every time I have a pain
    i stop and pray
    Lord give me the strength
    for another day

    Because those that are lost
    still need my prayer
    for all my family
    and those that are not heirs

    Another Great Day

    Beautifully put, your very gifted, thanks for touching my life with your gift.
    Headless Man

    Thanks, mom

    I put together my new outdoor grill without uttering ONE curse word. :)


    OMGoodness(politically correct;)) Now that is a rare occurrence. I think after putting mine together for the third time, I had actually invented a few new

    Today my wife and I drove through the most beautiful hill and forest. I took a great photo of a Pheasant Bird. O and I forgot to take one of my wife. Will make it up tomorrow lol


    lol...most women hate their pics taken anyways

    I live in the country and today I saw a lamb being born. In two mins it was up looking for it's moms milk. Creation is so good.


    Don't talk to me about Lambs. In England a while ago Bin Laden caused foot and mouth with a sheep. Well it was Hislamb


    Wow now thats really neat to be able to see. Isn't it a miracle?


    Lol...Boooo...just kidding.Good one


    That is awesome!

    got the planter out of the shop now waiting to put her to use


    that would be corn and soybeans


    what are you planting?


    well I hope it's a great growing season for ya.

    A great thing happened to me today. God gave me another 24 hrs in this great life. Another 24 tomorrow I pray. For you as well

    Wow...I love that ...thanks for your answer
    I work with wood and often go to te beech for driftwood. Today I found a large tree trunk and it was hollow all through. I struggled but got it home and with my chain saw I carved it into a really nice chair. This was a great day

    Wow thats something I have always wanted to try. Awesome!

    Got to sleep in late, off work today. Home alone till this evening, love it! Making some delicious homemade beef and veggie stew. Very much enjoying the sight and sound of wind through the trees with their beautiful autumn colors in the leaves that are flying through the air, one by one. And feeling the true change of the season with the crispness and coolness in the air. Simple but Awesome! Read a quote on a magazine yesterday that I thought was beautiful and oh, so true. (Don't remember the author, though)   " Winter is a sketching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn is a beautiful mosaic of them all" 


    I love the quote and how true. I resonate with having a day alone, having two teens at home makes something like that a rarity. I hope the rest of your day is filled with great things.

    Thank you, Mom! :-}

    Oh well that does it from what I see on here you are all in the most amazing places - I am so out of place here in more ways than one - two very different dimenstions. Thank you michmar118 for the lovely quote and the view.

    Thank you, dopey, for the comment. Wondering WHERE you are? And where you'd like to be.........
    Awoke to Caos News Now (CNN) and felt blown about the room along with the survivors. Tightening down the hatches of my imagination and calming down I remembered my rant called DID2(damned if you do, damned if you don't), a sociological trap scenario that I had worked on the day before. The solution I had seemed pretty decent so I read it while nervously drinking my coffee.
    "DID2 is an oscillating trap. You need do nothing to escape its dualistic conflict. Withdraw energy from both sides of the issue. think: "My energy is returning to me now. I remove my opposition to these issues now. All of my confusion is produced by me and i withdraw my resolution to solve this issue any other way. My peace is returning to me. I have no need to be part of what I see as conflict. If I do not support or oppose conflict then it will not exist for me. My peace is without conflict. I am at peace. Peace is all I am. There is only peace here." Thank you for sharing this with me.

    Sorry to hear you are going through so much chaos. I send you love and light.

    I won a $500 gift certificate to a local mall on the radio :D


    lol it's already all spent in my head. Apple store, here I come! ;p


    I think you should share it with top 10 on here. That would get you 10 TU lol


    thats always fun to spend free money...congrats and have fun


    Now thats awesome...thanks for sharing

    Hmm..... I think playing tederball at Chatsworth Hills Academy. Today was Pre-Registertration day.


    I haven't played that in years, I bet it's lots of fun.

    I was going to make some bread this morning so I went to my garage to get some of its ingredients and discovered my garage door open, my lawn mower, edger and weedeater gone and several cases of beer stored in the refrigerator along with some Pepsi. I was not happy. I found out via sheriff that some have been canvassing the neighborhood and stealing garden equipment. I hope they get drunk on the beer and get arrested for disorderly conduct and the police find my equipment.


    well that sucks,I hope so for your sake as well

    I had a call from my sister-in-law! She always has cute things to tell me about my dear little nephews!! I love them so much...they really are quite special!! And, the best part...I get to se them in a month!!! Yay! She said to them, "You are going to see Aunty Jenn in a few weeks! Are you going to give her a hug?" The oldest (5 years) shyly said, "uh huh!" The next one (terrible twos;) ) said, "No!" So I told her to tell him that I would get him and give him a kiss (always gets little boys to say...ewwww!) So he says, "She'll have to catch me on the road!!" He is so spunky!!! will be great to see them

    I slept in and was late for work by an hour but no one noticed! .... wait, maybe thats not a good thing lol


    An HOUR late for work and no one noticed?!? I would have my doubts about that.......Be careful, jobs are very hard to come these days!! :-)
    i was home,sick and not in school!!! yes! That's always good...right? :) i had a soar throat. I feel a little better. I went 2 the doctors and they said its prop just alergies. yes!!! i would hate to get surgery on somethin. I never broke a bone in my whole entire life!!!

    I'd rather be home healthy but having a day off is great nonetheless

    I made it home in one piece in the pre-Thanksgiving traffic......


    Happy Thanks Giving to you and your family!

    Just me and the cats Mom Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too hope it is a blessed and happy time now and throughout the year for you guys.

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