All This Bickering...Is It Driving You Crazy Too?

    When I first found this sight , I was amazed at all the great advice and support offered here. I have taken some time out of my life to hopefully share something that will help someone look at an issue in their life a little differently. Recently the debates and arguing have taken over. All I see lately are people with control issues needing to be right.Please you agree that it is just time to let people answer a question without your need to discredit a simple point of view?Why do you think that by insulting and showing that you need control is what is necessary? The best part of this is we all have different views,why why why is all I ask?

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    <a href="/users/3033/mom/">@mom</a> - Good question, TU!!!

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    I think you're right, answer the question the best you can and if you want to debate maybe it would be better to ask first. JMO


    It clearly states in the rules for this sight that it is not up for debates so I agree with you Randy. We are losing a lot of interesting personalities through the need to be right.

    One of my questions was Has anything on this site changed your mind about anything. If we never change our mind about anything even if we are told of a better way then what is the point of all this.


    Thanks mom.


    Yes, my mind has been changed but as soon as all the arguing starts I can't even be bothered to read on so it's a loss of learning once the mind shuts down. I have also learned there is a difference in religious ways. One is gentle and draws the heart, the other is controlling, judgemental and down right scary.Questions are asked looking for opinions and there are MANY great answers, it's the awesome personalities that make this sight an appealing place to go,just stop having to be right all the time(not directed at you friendindeed,you rock) Respect that we all think different and it's okay!

    Mom..some folks just "talk too much" and are opionionated...I take a lot of the answers and questions on here with a grin of salt....don't get offended...just shine it on!,,Personally if I notice argumentative folks I'll tend to go onto the next question....Peace and love!


    love and light...along with a warm hug!!!

    Hi mom, As long as there is more that one point of view...people will handle it differently. I've said this on many different threads but it bears repeating.

    Any discussion, either online or in person, can be a positive moment because it allows you to learn from others opinions, but once one person starts yelling, or in this case name calling, then the discussion is over because one of the participants isn't listening with an open mind anymore while the other person gets hurt or becomes too angry to care.


    Teaching is easy when people are willing to learn. Unfortunately that isn't always the case. Enjoy your weekend dear!


    Amen my true. You are certainly a life coach in so many ways...thanks for sharing who you are with all of us. Again I have to say...You Rock too;)

    No, I was crazy long before

    nyuk,nyuk,nyuk...I want to close some of these questions as they pertain to things that seem to be you know how to do it with this new format?

    There's no way to close them yet.

    I believe it's just a lot of drama, nothing personal.


    <a href="/users/3033/mom/">@mom</a> - It's all about debating who's wrong and who is right, Or I can respect your choices and you can respect mine.


    I agree with the drama but in the same sense, I see a lot of insulting over spelling and looking for mistakes in the grammar. Not a big deal but what does it matter really. I also see a lot of personal attacks here. There are a lot of great people on here...don't get me wrong but let the fighting go!!!


    Perfectly put...thanks. I like the idea of just respecting choices of opinion. Maybe we are all opinionated...thats why we are on this sight handing out our

    I don't think insulting comments have any place here. But I do believe this is the place for healthy debates over questions that people ask. That is not a bad thing because everyone has their own view points and I find it interesting how people come to the conclusions they have. I simply ask questions of clarification and remind people when their argument is invalid, circular, or acknowledge good points. How is that bickering? I would argue it is not. But I would argue, other forms of arguing are bickering. For example, saying, "YOUR WRONG and STUPID!" is not arguing, but bickering. I prefer a healthy argument and discussion any day.


    why even the need for a healthy debate though? Why not just be able to give your opinion without correcting someone else's? Is it not up to the asker to decide what works and what does not?This is starting to sound like a debate but...I am the asker ...what the heck. Thanks for your point of view have added much to the personalities that make this sight interesting(I mean that in a good way) Love and light...and please...ROCK ON with your personality!!!

    Mom sometimes bickering is all some have, it's the only voice they can muster, why do they bicker, think about it, we bicker when we feel abused, or when we think no one is listening, remember the squeeky wheel gets the grease, people who insult are only passing on treatment they have endured, it's ok to tell them to shut up, just be sure you include why

    Thats true and misery loves to keep company. I have noticed the bickering on here has slowed since the new format has come. Maybe time to close this question. Hope your having a great day oldanthony!

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