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    Hey ladies...I have discovered some tips for fixing dry chemically damaged hair but haven't found any great treatments for beautiful skin, got any tips? How about any home made facial masks or exfoliation treatments?

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    Drinking lots of water and a very good moisterizer for morning and one for night and keeping your skin clean and do not go to bed with makeup on always remove cleanse and night moisterizer. Now I would love to hear your help on the very dry damaged hair because I have an underactive thyroid on meds for it but no matter what I try my hair is always very very dry.


    okay this does take a bit of effort and a couple products you might have to search out for. Take 1tbs mayonnaise/1tbs olive oil/1tbs yogurt/a little milk. warm to room temp 10 sec in mic.Spread through hair. Leave in for at least 30 min with plastic cap and a towel to keep in heat shampoo twice. Find a fine nylon hair net and put on at night as there is a lot of damage done to hair while rolling around sleeping. I always rinse after a shower with quite cool water so the hair is not so weak from hot water. I use yummy hair cherry bomb serum once a week and do the home trtmnt once a month.


    good idea not to use hot water on you hair. hot water makes it weak, you say. i do think it does.

    Hello dear,

       Here are some beautiful skin tips.

    Avoid all unhealthy foods that have been processed or fried, as well as those with a high fat content. Say no to potato chips, pizzas, greasy hamburgers and other similar bad food.

    Start consuming vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your skin’s health. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish and proteins in your regular diet.

    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eliminate colas and other sugar-sweetened carbonated beverages, as well as coffee and alcohol.

    Water will keep your skin hydrated and flush toxins out of your body.

    To appear fresh and look beautiful makeup-less, make sure to sleep at least 8 hours a night.Insufficient night rest will make your skin seem dull, tired and older-looking.

    Sun protection- When outside protect your skin with a sunscreen. Make sure you apply the sun sunscreen at least 15 min before you step out into the sun.


    Drink lots of water , at least 12 cups a day. Use moisterizing cream and don't expose your skin to the sun. These are the best tipsyou are going to get.


    I have to admit the water thing is the most difficult for me to do...thanks

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