I live on Vancouver Island B.C. Canada. Breathtakingly beautiful but under constant threat of a massive earthquake. They say the south end is a shelf and it is presumed that it is going to break off. I love it here but am feeling recently very threatened... looking at the earthquake in Japan it really has me feeling afraid.I am a reasonable person, I love my life and feel I have SO much to live for.What would you do...prepare and stay put or look into leaving? Just curious what your reactions to this would be

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    Geological processes are in the scale of thousands of years. Nobody can tell for sure, but even if the shelf will eventually break off it could happen 100,000 years from now, or it could happen within your lifetime, but chances are extremely low.

    If you like Vancouver island (I've been there and it seemed like heaven on earth to me!) just stay there. I would make crime & car accidents my first safety concerns.

    I believe people sometimes have intuition about these things. If you feel like what is going on with you is a "gut feeling" or an instinct, you should pay attention to it. If you feel it is just a passing thought because of the earthquake in Japan, then you should try to relax and look at your situation logically. To know which it is you need to find a quiet place, physically and mentally and just sit and listen to yourself (what you are feeling and pay attention to whether it is something you are feeling or something you are thinking - be brave and allow yourself to feel complete feelings and your brain to roam where ever your thoughts take you) even if it feels intense or scary. When you are done with this(probably wont take long if you let it flow) you will have your answer and you will be sure.

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