Breed Specific Dog Muzzle Laws

    Do you agree that only certain breeds of dogs should be muzzled in public or that a dog should be muzzled at all?

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    Great, next we can chain up blond blue eyed people, or how about our parents because they yelled at us. How would you like to be muzzled because someone didn't like you.

    thats exactly how I feel.In our town these laws are ludicrous...they need to be changed. The owner knows if their dog is a danger or not.

    Totally up to the temperament of the Dog. I train for such issues.
    Should be trained along with all social life.
    If you find it can be very protective?? Then by all means Muzzle should be used . I know it looks uncomfortable, but will save you alot of heartache if it should bite someone.
    There are alot of people that just don't know enough not to approach a dog without permission.

    I hate to see a dog muzzled but for everyones sake sometimes it is necessary to protect people and also protect the dog from being destroyed if it does bite.People who train dogs to fight should be dropped in the pit naked, I personaly would not waste a good bullet on them. I have had dogs all my life, and that is a lonnnng time, and let tell you there are NO bad dogs only Bad owners. I have had several breeds including Rottweilers and my Rottie was the biggest softie ever born.

    I love dogs but any dog trained to fight.Pit bulls where i live are trained to fight for money.And protect drug dealers.Our police don't play games with them.They shoot them.

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