my hair is brittle,dried out'keeps breaking off what can make it start growing again

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    Get a fresh hair cut or trim,and give your hair a treatment each week.Also use a conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

    Here is a great way to help rehydrate your ends. Shampoo like normal, towel dry without conditioning. Once your hair is towel dry,not completely dry, add conditioner and if you have a few types around the house then use a little of each. Put on a good amount and really work it into your hair. Take your towel and get it wet, ring it out so it isn't dripping and put it in the microwave for about one minute or until it's hot and steaming. DON"T BURN YOURSELF! Put the towel around your hair and let it cool, repeat the microwave at least twice and rinse the conditioner. A trim like pythonlover said is imperative to get rid of the splitting ends. Have it trimmed at least every 6 weeks. If you are coloring your hair, avoid pulling the color through to the ends until the last 5 minutes of the time necessary.

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