No Child Left Behind Act

    pros and cons of no child left behind and disabilities

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    The no child left behind does not mean every child in this country. Thank you Mr. Bush for passing this mistrust information. No child left behind is just for the wealthy and rich, which means that the rich kids will not be left behind and will get everything that is entitled to them. But for the poverty and low income families they are left behind and can not get anything. This country is really only for the rich to become richer, the middle class loses everything and the poor children who are homeless, well there goes your answer. How can this country allow children, innocent children live on the streets or at homeless shelters while the rich just keep taking and taking from our economy and are ruining our entire way of living. In this day and age with our recession or really depression the rich just keep getting richer and their kids profit on this, but the real people out there, families who had parents working hard lose their jobs, their savings, their retirements, the medical coverage and most importantly their homes, now lets see the rich go buy a homeless shelter and tell these innocent children why they live there and will not have any hope of the future. Is this a good proposition, no. Just for the rich and not for everyone else, so that is why our government is so screwed up and we just keep paying and bailing out the rich and losing our own funds. Nice way of doing business and it isn't getting any better.


     I consider the NCLB act by George W. Bush, to be a signal to the lazy teachers of this country to get to work. I have seen some of the most useless people leave the profession because they were suddenly made to work. 
    Lazy teachers are also popular with students because kids like free periods and free grades. What is worse is that these teachers use their popularity to play up to the students and parents and critize and spread gossip about the teachers that make kids work hard. Unfortunately parents decide who are the best teachers according to teacher poplularity. You see how this turns out right?
    Now, with NCLB, all teachers are held accountable which quickly weeded out the driftwood. They never expected to work just like everyone else.
    Pricipals? Please! Most principles that I had were lazy and unprincipled. They were afraid of the popular teachers and often went along with whatever they said. Now principals have rules and goals that lazy teachers cannot avoid. So yes, NCLB is a solid reform. I just want to see it made more demanding. To be clear, most teachers are dedicated and work terribly hard. Most put in 12 hour days most of the week. They spend an average of $1000.oo of their own money to buy supplies for children. Their decication cannot be praised too much. They are saints.
    The lazy teachers? There is a special place in **Hell** for those hateful people!
    There is no learning without work and aggravation. There is no magic to avoid work. Education is tough and relentless or it won't acheive its goal. Today's job market is demandng and cruel. Those without preparation will face a fate that is awful.

    Thank you,

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