Gamble or God

    What is Gods opinion on Gambling?

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    gambling in itself is not a problem,,but can and does lead to the love of money,and to the destruction of family's and lives,,so if you feel you cannot control your gambling, then best you dont,,My wife and i have a bet on the Melbourne Cup horse race once a year and that is it,,,i do not believe God would smack me down for that,,,however should God convince me it is wrong,,i would stop straight away,Because i can...Always nice talking..>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    What is the Melborne Cup Terry?? We have an old fasion horse race over here call the Epsom Darby,a few old hacks running i think.??
    terryfossil 1

    It is our greatest race in this country,,horses from around the world come to race in it,,It is almost public holiday in this country,,,,

    I can't write for God.  


    terryfossil 1

    Robert, i gamble once a year,i do not feel slavery, nor penalty of life,

    You can ask God, He didn't ask me to write for Him on this subject.

    Very simple, read the bible and see.........

    Life is a gamble and God created it.......


    Marriage is a gamble too.

    I was talking to him the other day and he bet me someone would ask this very question


    If money,or something valuable isn't involved, it's not gambling.

    Bingo is o.k. in churches.


    only Catholic Churches.

    In synagogues too.

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