Did God create people,or did people create God for personal comfort,and how do you know besides what is said in the Bible??

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    God created the universe and people.

    God was first, then false religions and self conscious people made God how they thought He should be.

    God is a very difficult thing to scientifically prove, but if you ask a Christian they will tell you they are sure, one-hundred percent. That's because it takes faith to believe in an invisible God. I am Christian and I can tell you I believe, but the only way for you to find out is to pray to Him to reveal Himself to you. Do your research read the Bible and look for Him and He will reveal Himself to you. Yet it's up to you to believe in faith that He is real.


    Also no one has ever proven that He doesn't exist.

    Go to the HOLY LAND.there finding proof every day.Or you can ask the carbon dating machine it seems to know all the answers.Not

    Here's a Paradox for you. Maybe God and Man created each other? Think about it. If at first, there was no god, and man created him, then god could go back to the beginning of time and create man and the universe. But maybe the one to create man before god created man was the the same god created by man, reaching across the time split to create the man who created him. Which came first, the chicken or the egg.

    Man created what we know as god today. However God has been around for millennium. What was actually worshiped and praised as "God" is what we know today as nature. All religions derive from astrotheology. It was the stars and solar cycles which the ancients understood and followed. They knew that they had to live in accordance with the natural cycles.

    God is "All That Is", the Great "I Am"--We are an aspect of the "All"; Try creating a planet, a sun, a moon, etc., then talk to God about it, as Lucifer attempted to do.

    where did you get your definitive answer,and who ever proved it??

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