I have a 87 Ford ranger XLT, She turns over but won't kick in. Could it be the fuel pump?

    It goes rur rurururururururururururuur but won't actually turn over.

    What could it be? and  where is the fuel pump?

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    2 Answers

    one sure way to find out would be a shot of either...

    If you take off a spark plug wire and look to see if it sparks to a ground spot on the engine, that will elimate the ignition module and almost make it the fuel pump.

    But to be sure disconnect the fuel line at the carb. to see if it pumps gas, hook the spark plug wire back up first and get something to pump the gas into, don't want to start a fire.

    Also could be the fuel filter.

    Where is the fuel pump?-Not sure on this model but if not on the engine it's in the gas tank.

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